Nitric Oxide PRO Sports Gum

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    Why Red Ace PRO Sports Gum?

    Nitric Oxide improves performance. And oral health is key to make it happen. 

    And here are 4 reasons why:

    Nitric oxide is an important ergogenic factor – a factor intended to enhance physical performance, stamina and recovery -- for all Athletes.  

    Nitric oxide is key for oxygen delivery and increases energy production.

    Prebiotic Dietary Nitrate is the source of Nitric Oxide.

    Dietary nitrate is ergogenic* during activities requiring high muscle power output and during both single and repeated exercise.

    Suboptimal oral health has a negative effect on Performance.

    Dietary Prebiotic Nitrate consistently changes the composition of the oral microbiome to enhance nitric oxide.

    Disruption of the oral microbiome negatively affects performance.

    Antiseptic mouthwash prior to running impairs post-exercise muscle oxygenation due to reduced nitric oxide and consequent effects on vasodilation and blood flow.­­­­­­

    Suboptimal oral health negatively impacts competitive performances. Ergogenic effects of carbohydrate rich diets and intense training exacerbates poor oral health.  Red Ace Sport Dietary Prebiotic Nitrate combats poor oral health.  

    Given the ergogenic effects of Red Ace Prebiotic Nitrate Gum, this dietary intervention is doubly appealing to athletes: enhance oral health and nitric oxide-associated microbiome with the added ergogenic action.

    Red Ace PRO Sports gum* professional formula consisting of prebiotic dietary nitrate, ascorbic acid and xylitol to enhance the nitric oxide promoting oral microbiome for best results.

    *Red Ace Pro Sports Gum was developed by MyFitStrip to promote the nitric oxide microbiome.  Patented and patent applications pending. 

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