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For years,athletes have tired to find new ways to increase blood flow to the muscles. Some good,some bad,some very very ugly.but the latest sports science research has shown that achieving this effect can be simple: just add nitrates…like the ones found in beets.

When these nitrates enter your body, a chain reaction begins that converts them into nitric oxide (NO) – a molecule that can initiate vasodilation. This process increases the volume and speed of oxygen and nutrient delivery to the muscles, resulting in improved maximum oxygen uptake (Vo2 max). Plus,nitric oxide allows mitochondria, or energy ‘power plants’ within the muscles, to operate more efficiently,producing more energy per unit of oxygen.

Runners,cyclists,rowers,swimmers… just about any athlete is capable of working harder,or performing the same amount of work while using less oxygen, with the power of beets behind them. But don’t just take our word for it. The proof is in the numerous studies that have shown extraordinary results from the use of beetroot juice as a performance supplement:

  • An average of 2-3% performance improvement in a race type situation
  • Cyclists were able to cycle 16% longer
  • Cyclists were 2.8% faster in 4km cycling time trials
  • Runners achieved a pace 3% faster than runners who were given pre-race placebo
  • Divers who drank 70ml of beetroot juice could stay underwater for 11% longer
  • Well-trained rowers improved times for a set of 6x500m repetitions

Athletes aren’t the only ones who benefit from beet juice though.
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Increase Your Energy & Brian Activity, Fight Inflammation.

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