california sunshine and homegrown partnerships

All the beets used in Red Ace Organics products are grown on a farm in, California. Red Ace started working with the Farm in 2011, and every Red Ace Beet has been grown in the California sunshine ever since.

We are dedicated to growing the best beets in the world. The farm is 100% organic and environmentally sustainable. They work year round to produce the best crops that the farm can provide. And if you ask us, they’re pretty darn amazing (we might be a little biased though!)

Because Red Ace is dedicated to making high-quality products, the Farm is also responsible for processing the beets into concentrated beet juice. This allows for the freshest juice possible because it comes straight from the fields – no transportation required!

drink good,feel good

I’m definitely willing to pay more for a product that is grown and produced in the United States. That’s why I choose Red Ace over other beet juice shots.

Mike Smith

drink good, feel good


Red Ace is made with only the purest, simplest ingredients which are packed with nutrients and antioxidants that help you lead an active, healthy lifestyle.