Christine Hammond


Christine Hammond began her athletic career as a swimmer during high school and college. She raced in several triathlons as a child, then picked it up again at age 25. She raced in local triathlons in the Chicagoland area for several years before traveling around the US for steeper competition. In 2009 Christine was invited to join the prestigious Timex Triathlon Team. She raced amateur through 2011, winning championship races around the country. In 2012 Christine stepped up to the professional division. She won a professional race during her initial pro season and has performed with varied success in both the Ironman and Ironman 70.3 distances. Christine continues to race for Team Timex as one of the longest standing members.  In 2013 Christine married her husband; Owen Hammond and they are now expecting their first child in July, 2015. 


2014 Professional Ironman 70.3 Racine – 5th Place

2014 Professional Ironman 70.3 Hawaii – 5th Place

2014 Professional Ironman Colorado – 3rd Place

2013 Professional Ironman Canada – 5th Place

2013 Timex Professional Triathlete of the Year

2012 Professional Champion Leadman 250

2011 USAT Amateur Athlete of the Year

Follow Christine’s adventures on her website: Christine Hammond Racing