Adam Blea

Trail Running

Adam Blea is a M/U/T = Mountain/Ultra/Trail runner from Denver, Colorado. He has been deeply involved in the trail running scene since 2012 and has run over 2 dozen races competitively, 10 of which have been ultra distance. Adam’s strength lies in his gritty tenacity, and his ability to gut out a lot of pain and adversity. His niche is to run very difficult and mountainous races, thus challenging himself to always dig deep.

When not on the road on his way to another starting line, you will likely find him training in our own backyard in the foothills of West Denver. Among several shorter races, Adam’s big goals for 2015 include the IMTUF 100 in Idaho (yes, that’s 100 miles!) and the Volcanic 50 at Mount Saint Helens.


2014 Gunnison 100K – 13:11:36 (5th OA)

2014 Sage Burner 50K – 5:14:16 (7th OA)

Follow Adam Blea’s adventures on his website: 303 Trail Runner